Mission Statement: Bringing Veterans together through extraordinary experiences by empowering the transition to the next chapter in their life.

Our projects

Shadow Arts

The Shadow Arts Project of Ranger Road works with the VJO to provide the cognitive based physical fitness and outdoor activities. Shadow Arts also serves as a permanent community for veterans that have completed VTC to help Veterans going through VTC. One soldier cannot achieve fire superiority, but Together We Are Strong

Far too often, when our Veterans have difficulty transitioning from military to civilian life they end up in the justice system. In 2008, a diversionary program was developed between the Veterans Health Administration, law enforcement, corrections, the courts, community groups, federal agencies, and advocacy groups called Veterans Treatment Court (VTC). A Veteran placed under the supervision of VTC must complete a treatment plan, pay any restitution, maintain stable housing, and submit to random drug screening. A Veterans treatment plan is developed by a Veterans Justice Outreach officer (VJO) and customized to meet his/her needs ranging from PTSD, TBI, and substance abuse issues that plague the veteran community.

Here at RR we want to ensure everyone has the ability to participate in any capacity they choose. To ensure we provide any and all support or accessibility needed we ask that you provide us with a list of and disabilities, limitations and adaptive needs