Mission Statement: Bringing Veterans together through extraordinary experiences by empowering the transition to the next chapter in their life.


Every Penny matters

Ranger Road is supported through your donations and grants. 100% of the proceeds goes to our veterans. Without our community's involvement and support, Ranger Road would not be able to carry out its mission of helping veterans through their transition from military to civilian life. 

We thank you greatly for your generous donation. Every penny counts towards helping our veterans and making their transition extraordinary and empowering! 

We have three donation providers. Please use Donor Box for one time donations. The Donate Your Change option allows you to set a donation goal but contribute a couple nickels at a time. The Amazon Smile option will donate a percentage of it's profits from your purchase to Ranger Road.

For Tax purposes EIN: 61-1771715

If you have any questions, please email us at info@rangerroad.org.

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Amazon Smile

Sign in with your Amazon account and bookmark Smile so whenever you buy a product from Amazon, you also help your community!